HIPAA Compliant

AI-Powered Teammate

Elevate patient care with our HIPAA-compliant AI teammate, providing personalized 24/7 support to streamline your practice, enhance patient experiences, and boost efficiency! 

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10x Your Health Care Heroes

In the realm of health care, directing your most skilled professionals towards the most urgent cases is key to enhancing their impact. Our AI teammate not only gains insights from your top performers, but also supports other team members by implementing these effective strategies, thus enhancing the overall team efficiency.

Real-Time Assistance

Yobi’s HIPAA compliant AI teammates are transforming patient interactions. They offer instant updates on calls, reasons for calls, and patient sentiments, all easily accessible. Plus, they can seamlessly take over critical calls when needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication process.

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Yobi's AI teammates for health care seamlessly integrate with your operational platforms, streamlining your processes and enhancing efficiency.

Custom Voices

You can personalize your AI teammate's voice to match yours. No more robotic, impersonal machine voices—select the ideal voice that resonates with your patients and reflects your brand's care and compassion.


Our intelligent translation service serves as a vital bridge, connecting diverse cultures and dialects to create a harmonious environment of mutual understanding and care.

Harmonize Your Health Care Operations

Yobi simplifies operations by centralizing all communications. This enables you and your AI teammate to effortlessly manage appointment requests, coordinate schedules, and stay informed about patients—all in a single, accessible location, around the clock. This allows you to streamline your healthcare communications and dedicate more time to delivering exceptional care.


Training your AI teammate is a straightforward process. Simply provide your expertise—documents, workflows, and experiences—and we’ll transform it into an agent that outperforms any tool you’ve used previously. Complex training becomes a manageable, refined process, ensuring your AI teammate is perfectly attuned to your healthcare needs.

Yobi’s Features

Live Transcription and Summary

Our live transcription feature delivers instant transcriptions of spoken audio, enhancing call management and review processes in the healthcare sector.


With the ability to intervene in live calls based on transcribed text, you can proactively address patient needs. Additionally, the feature provides after-call summaries, enabling you to pinpoint areas for improvement and training within your team.

Sentiment Analysis

Yobi streamlines patient sentiment analysis using cutting-edge NLP and machine learning technologies, empowering you to grasp and elevate patient satisfaction with ease.


Our tool enables real-time monitoring of patient tone during calls within Yobi, providing valuable insights to address feedback promptly. This enhances patient loyalty and helps refine your response strategies for improved patient care.

Al with a Human in the Loop

Yobi’s Control Modes offer agents two valuable approaches to managing their interactions with the AI teammate.


In Co-pilot mode, you lead the way while the AI teammate serves as a trusted advisor, offering suggestions that you can accept or decline, giving you direct oversight of the interaction.


Autopilot mode, on the other hand, allows the AI to assume full control of the communication. It relies on predefined rules and its knowledge from previous interactions to autonomously manage conversations, enabling you to devote your attention to other essential tasks.

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Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

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